A 6 steps hiking around the Mont Valier

 The Tour du Mont Valier is divided into 6 Stages, though there is the possibility of doing it in 5 by going from Rouze to Fornet in one day (beware though, this makes for a very long day!).



stage 1 Col de Pause parking to refuge de Fornet

piste du port d'Aula sur le tour du Valier
piste du Port d'Aula

time/distance : 6 h / 15 km

elevation : + 700M / -800m

signs : gr10 and cross-boarder signage (red and white)


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stage 2 : refuge de Fornet to refuge des Estagnous

time/distance :  7h / 11km

elevation : +1510m / -660m

signs : cross-boarder signage (red and white)


 Allow an extra 1h30 to summit Mont Valier, +600m


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stage 3 : refuge des Estagnous to Esbintz farm or Aunac

time/distance :  7h / 13,8km (Esbintz)

elevation : +510m / -1900m

signs : GR10 and PR yellow


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 For Aunac +1h30/+5km

Elevation: +170m/-200m


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stage 4 : Gite d'étape Esbintz/Aunac to  Gite d'étape la Colline Verte

time/distance :  7h / 14km (from Aunac)

elevation : +620m / -680m

signs : GR10 and GRP Tour Val de Garbet (red and yellow)


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stage 5 : Gite d'étape la Cooline Verte to Rouze farm

time/distance :  4h / 8km

elevation : +800m / -600m

signs : GR10 (red and white)


To summit the Tuc Peyre Mensongère allow an extra 30 minutes/+200m


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stage 6 : Gite d'étape de Rouze to Col de Pause Parking

time/distance :  4h / 7km

elevation : +1100m / -230m

signs : GR10 (red and white)




Usefull informations

  • A taxi service is available to shorten certain stages.
  •  We recommend a recent IGN OT 2048 Aulus les Bains/Mont Valier Map
  • Except for the Estagnous refuge, each night’s accommodation is accessible by car so it’s possible to start wherever suits.